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Nothing succeeds in reproducing itself better than a false sense of entitlement

Above is a quote from a long article by Yanis Varoufakis, here's the context:

My personal nadir came at an airport. Some moneyed outfit had invited me to give a keynote speech on the European crisis and had forked out the ludicrous sum necessary to buy me a first-class ticket. On my way back home, tired and with several flights under my belt, I was making my way past the long queue of economy passengers, to get to my gate. Suddenly I noticed, with horror, how easy it was for my mind to be infected with the sense that I was entitled to bypass the hoi polloi. I realised how readily I could forget that which my leftwing mind had always known: that nothing succeeds in reproducing itself better than a false sense of entitlement. Forging alliances with reactionary forces, as I think we should do to stabilise Europe today, brings us up against the risk of becoming co-opted, of shedding our radicalism through the warm glow of having “arrived” in the corridors of power.

UPDATE 20151029 : .. a report originally carried by Greek newspaper Proto Thema, claiming that Varoufakis is being advertised as a speaker by an agency advertising fees running up to $60,000 (£39,228) for appearances in the United States. While there's nothing wrong with that, it's a little against the grain for a prominent critic of laissez-faire greed. .. ( deny, ask for retraction, claim transparency etc ) ..

But the blog post does concede that he's been paid €24,000 (£17,387, $26,584) after tax with first class travel expenses for participating in an Italian TV programme. He's getting another €28,800 (£20,285, $31,016) after tax with business class travel expenses for a presentation at conference in Singapore.

How's about that for a false sense of entitlement...? (more detail on: uk.businessinsider.com/anti-austerity-advocate-and-ex-greek-finance-minister-yanis-varoufakis-fees-for-speeches-2015-10 )


  • 25 january 2015: Varoufakis gets into the spotlights when being appointed as finance minister
  • 28 June: capital controls imposed and banks close
  • 5 July: the Greek people vote 'no' to austerity
  • 6 July: suprise resignation of Varoufakis
  • 9 July: Geece capitulates to the demands from its creditors
  • 20 July: Banks reopen in Greece
  • 14 August: Greece secures 3rd bailout
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